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How To Leverage Social Media Monitoring for Growth

We all know that listening is a powerful skill to have in all areas of business, and well life. Fortunately, software innovation has allowed us to become better listeners with the power to engage in important conversations beyond our one-to-one in-person interactions.

The question is: How will you make the most of these tools and technology?

Here’s how everyone on your team can leverage the power of listening to your audience online with a media monitoring tool.

Social Media Monitoring Tools For Community Management

Social listening and social media monitoring tools is a critical function to leverage growth within the community and marketing department — whether that’s one person or 50.

That’s because you need to know which important conversations are happening around your brand and its areas of interest in order to be able to effectively communicate with your community.

Media monitoring allows you to:

  • Tap into conversations about your brand, even when people are not talking directly to you
  • Identify other terms related to your brand and how they’re being used
  • Identify trending topics and hashtags — conversations you should be taking part in
  • Where they’re happening — both in terms of platforms and channels and geo-location
  • What languages these conversations are happening in
  • Who’s leading and influencing these conversations

With this information, you can develop a community profile. That is: Who your community consists of, what they’re interested in related (and not related) to your brand, and where they are having relevant conversations.

From here, you can identify your current and potential brand ambassadors, industry influencers, and join in on important community conversations.

Check out Carrie Jones’ method for making the most of Mention for her community management needs — all within 30 minutes.

Customers Success & Support

If someone has a complaint about your brand, they’ll likely turn to social media. Same goes for when they want referrals from their personal networks. It’s beneficial to proactively monitor these conversations about your brand and offering your help when appropriate.

Social media monitoring tools allow you to monitor these conversations from one place, assign tasks to team members, and keep a log of communications. This can be especially helpful for when a question requires a technical answer, or is in a language foreign to your community manager.

These tools also allow for instant reaction times. Check out how Mention for mobile allows to be available to their customers nearly 24/7. Here’s how Meniton can help bring your support to the next level in five easy steps.

Content Marketing

Your content is written for your community, so you should have a pretty darn good idea of what they are interested in and what is going to engage them. With social media monitoring tools, you can monitor industry key terms to identify trends, questions, and community interests.

Start by identifying the key terms that have the most significance to your audience. For this, we use a mix of Google, and Moz Fresh Web Explorer.

By searching in “social media monitoring tools” (our core offering) on Google Trends, we’ve been able to identify other topics of interest to people searching media monitoring.

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