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How To Leverage The Power Of Instagram For Apartment Marketing

Instagram has been one of the big names for a while now when it comes to quite a few things, and marketing is certainly one of those. You can buy and sell all sorts of cool things using Instagram only, it is a great way to create and grow a customer base that doesn’t rely on you having to maintain an actual physical store. It gives you the ability to stay in direct contact with your potential and actual customers, keeping them up-to-date with all the important stuff you need to inform them about. Given its image-centric nature, it is a natural fit for selling apartments, since you can showcase them in an excellent and very detailed way using Instagram’s tools.

There are still a few fields and markets that will distrust a purely digital interaction and some customers just do not get along with seeing certain things through their phone’s screen. As time goes by though, the number of things that we are willing to agree to over our phones increases by the second. Here are a few reasons why:

Digital trading is everywhere:

Buying, renting and selling things over the internet, whether using a store or to another individual has become so common that we now trust a lot more to digital platforms than we did in the past. 

We live in the future:

Older generations that could have started with a natural apprehension towards these new trends are adopting them faster now and also, as the newer generations come into play we start dealing with people that have had Facebook and Instagram accounts since they are very young, and all of this is just natural to them. 

Most platforms offer at least some kind of security for your transactions:

The other great thing is that platforms themselves often offer protection from scams and they usually keep a record of a user’s trustworthiness, either through an actual rating or the very comments that can be found about them. This helps to smooth transactions even further.

In a landscape such as this, it seems only natural that instagram would be a great choice when it comes to choosing your next apartment, and that is why apartment marketing is poised to benefit from what instagram has to offer. You should take advantage of this powerful ally, to do so here are some tips and things to keep in mind.

Use Geotags:

Geotags can help you greatly in getting a particular place seen by many, you should make sure that you use them to your advantage whenever advertising a place.

Instagram Ads:

You probably know already that Instagram has a pretty robust Ads platform, it is a great way to increase the attention your posts get and generate interest in a particular location. Investing in Ads can be of great assistance to achieve your Apartment Marketing goals. We will go into a bit of detail with the kinds of ads that are available to you in this platform, to help you decide if this option is for you.

1. Photo Ads: A basic picture with the ‘sponsored’ legend is what you get with this kind of Ad, plus a set of Call to Action buttons to choose from. Basic but effective, especially if you have a killer image.

2. Videos Ads: Up to 60 seconds of promoted video to share as many details as you see fit, also with Call to Action buttons.

3. Carousel Ads: Here you have space for up to 10 images or videos to display as much as you feel will help you.

4. Stories Ads: These are a bit different from the ones we have mentioned so far, they are basically an image or video that you can have go in between a particular user’s story. This can be a powerful thing to catch more eyes for your apartment. 

5. Collection Ads: This kind of ad is specifically designed by Instagram to be used by people that are managing virtual stores within their platform, they offer a few interesting things that could benefit you, it is worth a look.

Virtual Tours:

You can set up a virtual tour very easily on Instagram, it is very convenient for someone that is looking to rent and also for you since it saves you a great deal of time. With a proper Virtual Tour set up, the people that chose to move forward are already quite familiar with the place and are far more likely to be truly interested in the transaction.

Everyone loves Free stuff:

Another great way to promote your activity on Instagram is to set up different kinds of contests for people to win. Of course, you shouldn’t go crazy with it cause that would probably put a dent in your profit margin, but there is nothing wrong with a small gift to entice people. It is a great way to get some publicity from users, that will share your posts just to get a chance at that shiny gift you dangle in front of them.


This is common practice, but you should be smart about it. Hashtags increase traffic in a significant way and they should not be ignored, but being careless about the way in which you use them could mean a missed opportunity. You should try to find popular hashtags that are actually related to the place you are trying to promote, while at the same time staying away from viral hashtags. The former ones will help your content stand out and reach people that would be interested in it, while the latter will probably just have your post buried under a mountain of unrelated content.

I hope this article gets you on your way towards mastery of the Instagram scene and helps you with your Apartment Marketing needs.

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