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The Importance of B2B Website Design

There has been sufficient research conducted in the field of website designing that shows how a well-designed B2B website could generate increased customer traffic.

In addition to this, you might also notice an improvement in the conversion rates owing to an enhanced user interface. The result is the generation of new business opportunities for your company.

Despite these studies and results, there are some businesses that doubt the fact that something as insignificant (rather superficial) as the website design could impact a business’ success.

But there are numerous reasons why a well-built B2B website could help in attracting your target customers allowing you to initiate conversations with them.

Understanding The Target Audience

The first step towards building an effective B2B website is to find a way to offer a distinct experience to your visitors. At the same time, you also need to cater to the concerns and requirements of your primary target audience.

A professional website development and design company will have an adequate amount of experience to create such a website for you, whatever the industry.

Irrespective of the design approach taken by the website, it needs to serve a purpose and appeal to the visitors. For this, you need to utilize the different website design elements as a way of communicating what the company does.

It is also vital to make your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) known to your target audience, as this is what makes you stand apart from others in the same industry.

When you create a B2B web design that acknowledges and addresses the needs of your prospective clients, there is higher chance of your brand growing in the online space.

Good-Quality Photography & Visuals

If you’re looking to be successful in the online marketing world, you cannot overlook the importance of having balanced and engaging imagery throughout the website.

This can be done with the help of attractive visuals which give a distinct appearance and feel to your website. At the same time, these visuals should not end up distracting the visitor from the actual purpose of the website.

Hence, professional logo designing and imagery is very important for a B2B website. Generic images or stock photography can look very unimpressive on your company website.

This is because it will dilute their credibility and legitimacy. Branded iconography is known to be useful in idea illustration (describing the products and services that a company has to offer).

Importance Of Color

This might sound arty, but color does play a significant role in how a brand, company or product is perceived. Nearly 85% of customers have admitted that color was one of the major reasons for them to purchase a product!

During the development of a color scheme, you could pick 3 complimentary shades (primary, secondary, tertiary). Discuss colors with your website design company and they could guide you with regards to the most suitable color scheme for your business/brand/product.

If your brand has a logo which is used regularly in all kinds of print materials (e.g. pamphlets, business cards, letterheads etc.), then it is vital to ensure that the brand messaging and colors remain consistent across all your print and online advertising and promotional material.

Responsive B2B Website Design

The usage of smartphones and other devices such as tablets is growing at a fast pace. In such a scenario, it is vital that your B2B website is able to maintain a professional and consistent design across all these devices. For this, you need to build on a fun user experience for those coming from PCs, mobile devices and tablets.

Research shows that B2B websites that offer complicated and poor navigation to mobile users are likely to miss out on several quality leads. Hence it is crucial for companies to optimize their B2B website design for devices such as smartphones.

You can consult a web design company to get a responsive web design and various smartphone-friendly design techniques such as apps etc.

Styling Guides

By a styling guide, we don’t mean somebody who shops for you. This is simply a document which can help in font and color application throughout your B2B website development.

Styling helps ensure that everything on the website appears consistent and appealing.

A style guide can help you keep a track of all your design decisions. This means that you have the option to use the same fonts, colors and styles in the future as well (if required, for e.g. website extension). As far as the creation of future landing pages and branded content is concerned, style guides can be invaluable.

A business also needs to know which styles of fonts will be most effective when formulating the web copy. This information can be included in the style guide. It is vital to ensure that the font selected by your design team is easily readable across multiple platforms and devices.

Customer Service

Majority of the customers visiting your B2B website would like to get in touch with you. This implies that your website needs to be more accessible and easily approachable. How can you make your B2B website more engaging and interactive?

Try a simple live chat or well-designed contact form to attract and retain the interest of your customers. These elements might prevent the prospective client from visiting the competitors’ websites for making a purchase.

Your aim is to offer all the required information and resources to your customers when they visit your website. These features could appear as insignificant details, but they should actually be among the key focus areas of a B2B website design.

Credibility & Trust

At the end of the day, you want to present yourself as a trusted and credible B2B brand that visitors would like to business with. A well-designed B2B website can play a major role in elevating the reputation of your business by offering team bios, contact information as well as positive client and customer testimonials.

These are some of the most important points that could help you design an impressive and user-friendly B2B website.

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