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Is “Mobilegeddon” Affecting Your Google Site Ranking?

On April 21st, 2015 Google initiated its biggest algorithm shift we have ever seen. Which the world the calling “Mobilegeddon”, this algorithm shift looks at mobile friendly and non-mobile friendly websites in a completely different matter.

This major shift penalizes sites that do not abide by Google’s newest guidelines, those sites could find themselves susceptible to both penalties to their page and a possible plummet in their SEO search ranking.

Why This Matters?

More than half of Google searches now take place on mobile devices, this could spell bad news for any business that does not have a site that the Google algorithm does not see as mobile friendly. There are multiple studies that predict that by 2017 the majority of all web activity will take place on mobile devices.

Google is committed to providing a frictionless experience to mobile users. Websites and landing pages that are not meeting the standards that Google has set are being pushed down in mobile search results.

What You Can Do About It?

Google has never before given us the recipe for success to a search algorithm update. But in this case, they’re so committed to the mobile experience that they have laid out the groundwork so that anyone can be compliant and win traffic (and conversions).

The Mobile Guide on the Google Developers website has everything you need to make sure that you are meeting Google’s requirements.

You can take the mobile-friendly test, view their mobile SEO guide, and find out what you need to do in order to give your visitors a delightful, Google-approved mobile experience. You can easily find out if your website passes Google’s mobile friendly test by taking their mobile friendly test.

A Designers Point Of View

You need to create a pleasant viewing experience for both your mobile and desktop users. Mobile-friendliness is not only important because of good search engine rankings.

A good position increases the number of your visitors, and therefore your conversion rate and revenue for sure, but is there anything more in it that can hold the interest of a smart designer?

Behind all of the perks listed above, mobile-friendliness significantly improves user experience too. The concept of a better UX is also at the heart of the mobile-first design principle.

When designers design first for the mobile screen and the desktop comes only after that, they need to prioritize content, omit superfluous fluff, and focus on the core functionality. This approach results in a better UX not only for mobile users, but also the desktop version which will be better-structured and easier-to-use.

Things To Keep In Mind

The longer you hold off on optimizing your website in the proper manner the more it can hurt your business, even if that does not seem to be the case at the moment. Mobile phones and tablets are becoming the preferred browsing experience for more and more people each day.

As a business owner it is your responsibility to take this to heart, you need to constantly adapter with the times to make sure you business stays competitive in whatever industry you are involved in. So take the mobile test right away and take the necessary steps needed to continue to provide a pleasant browsing experience for your visitors.

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