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4 Ways Marketing Automation Can Give You A Surprising Advantage

Understanding Marketing Automation

In today’s world, everything ranging from soft toys to iodine tablets are fully available online. All this is possible thanks to the rapid advancement in technology and “Everything is possible” thanks to the Internet. Today, there happens to be a wider scope to approach audiences, and everything has gone digital, including marketing. To make things easier, the very same Digital Revolution has come to rescue Digital Marketing through Marketing Automation.

So, What Is Marketing Automation?

In simpler terms, marketing automation means automating your marketing tactics. It primarily refers to software platforms and technologies that effectively promotes a business via multiple channels available online. Today, many marketing departments have automated recurring tasks such as social media, emails, and other website activities. The technology of marketing automation makes these tasks easier.

Most people tend to have the belief that marketing automation is difficult to set up and maintain. However, that’s not true because it allows the marketing team with limited time and resources to work less and gain more.

Thanks to modern marketing automation tools such as the Hubspot suite, your marketing team is sure to become a one-man army of efficiency. In most cases, companies who adopt the practice of automation stand the chance of boosting B2B sales after long periods of stagnation.

What You Should Know About B2B Marketing Automation

As I mentioned earlier, marketing automation relieves your employees of repetitive tasks such as emailing prospects according to a schedule among many other duties. Among other things, marketing automation also maximizes the efficiency of your team as well as your lead quality and quantity.

A report in 2015 stated that up to 80 percent of marketing automation users generated more leads, and a significant 77 percent are witnessing an increased number of conversions. It is noteworthy to mention that marketing automation isn’t some magic spell that delivers results as soon as you engage it; it is actually an enabler of a B2B online marketing strategy for long-term growth.

In essence, you’re not going to see some magical difference in results with automated vs. manual marketing strategy over the course of weeks or months. However, you can be fully assured that the gain will pile up into something astonishing.

To give you a better understanding of the basics of marketing automation, let’s take a look at a typical case scenario:

• A site visitor signs up for an e-book giveaway or some newsletter with an email address.

• Your firm’s automation proceeds to send out a download link, a thank you note coupled with other interesting content to the audience.

• After a couple of days, your automation system follows up with a link to a related video or e-book.

• If this said visitor continues to take actions, he or she automatically become marked as a qualified lead.

Consequently, the system forwards their data to your sales team to take further action. Now, your sales team will have a lot of qualified leads in front of them without much work from your marketing team. That’s what I call efficiency!

Does Your Firm Need Marketing Automation?

The fact remains that every company can benefit from marketing automation. This system increases the efficiency of carrying out valuable tasks without losing its efficacy. It is, however, noteworthy to mention that organizations that are most successful with marketing automation are those that already have the infrastructure as well as the processes in place to handle incoming sales leads. In essence, you should start by having the necessary foundation before you proceed with the automation system.

So, if the marketing and sales team have a reasonable idea about your target audience and their needs, marketing automation can be an ideal way to kick things up a notch. By boosting the efficiency of your firm, you can increase profits by reaching new prospects beyond your immediate network of clients.

Benefits & Advantages of Marketing Automation

1. Detecting Flaws In Your Marketing & Sales

You ought to know that automation shares similarities with data collection. It gives you greater insight into the kind of relationship you have with your customers. For instance, without marketing automation, you may feel that your sales team isn’t going for the right leads or that your marketing team isn’t qualifying them properly before passing them on. Thanks to automation, you can witness raw stats pointing out exactly where you’re losing interest and boost B2B sales with that finding.

2. Increased Customer’s Satisfaction

Let’s look at it this way. When a client purchases a particular product or service from your organization, how do you take it from there? Any top organization with a solid marketing and sales team knows just how important it is to keep track of individuals and maintain a positive relationship. However, doing this manually can be so frustrating, difficult and sometimes impossible. By engaging marketing automation, you personalize your brand offerings and give clients what they’re looking for, and this eventually leads to a much higher conversion rate.

3. Gives You A Better Understanding of ROI

According to VentureBeat, brands primarily witness a 20 to 50 percent increase in revenue after engaging marketing automation. This is possible because a marketing automation software performs at its best at all times. In essence, it doesn’t get tired and start making mistakes like humans. Thanks to marketing automation you can choose to make your approach data driven and extremely complicated. Don’t worry; the system is equal to the task.

4. Promotes Market Segmentation & Personalization

If you want to boost B2B sales via personalized marketing seamlessly, engaging market segmentation is crucial. With the vast amount of information provided by a marketing automation software, you can get a hold of segments and opportunities you never dreamed existed.

The advantages mentioned above of marketing automation are what tops the list. There are still other great things marketing automation tools can do for your business. As we have seen, this system doesn’t benefit the marketing team in a firm, but it also reduces the workload on the sales team.

Although marketing automation takes a lot of work, it’s well worth the investment of money, time and resources for the long-term growth and success of your organization. Right now, it’s left to you to decide on how to perfect your approach with marketing automation and boost your B2B sales. The best part is that all this can be done without expanding your team. So get going!

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