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Eastside Legal Assistance Program

ELAP is a non-profit with a mission to empower people in King County to achieve fair and equal justice through free civil legal aid and community education. They are a nonprofit dedicated to working with people facing crises that need a legal solution.


Eastside Legal
Assistance Program


Web Design
Web Development
Creative Direction


Clean Design
Clear Messaging
Immersive Imagery

ELAP Homepage

The Challenge

The challenge with this site redesign was a unique one because of the very diverse audience they have as a non-profit. We were tasked with creating a site that spoke to each of their audiences, with the caveat of having clear and concise navigation so all information was easily accessible.

Our Approach

A key part of our approach was to highlight their work as a non-profit so it was clear how they are able to help potential clients visiting the website. The toughest part was also highlighting some of the ancillary services they offer as well, but we feel the navigation of the site and small pieces of information spread throughout really accomplished this well.

ELAP Our Impact

Our Strategy

Our approach was to learn about ELAP as a whole and the really important aspects of the non-profit that needed to be front and center. Once we accomplished that our overall approach was to make the navigation clear and concise so anyone visiting the site was able to access the information they are looking for quickly.

The Final Result

The final product was a website that contains very clear messaging for their bevy of audiences. As well as bright colors and vivid imagery that flows smoothly throughout the entire website. We were also tasked with creating a "Safety Exit" for potential clients in a dire situation that need to quickly close the website. Overall we feel the site as a whole does a great job of showing what the non-profit represents.

ELAP What We Do
ELAP How You Can Help

Mobile Design,
Done Right.

From a mobile standpoint the biggest challenge was making sure the imagery that drives the desktop site was also just as clear and impactful on any and every device or browser the site is accessed from. We did an extensive amount of testing before the launch to ensure the mobile experience was just as impactful.

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